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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be an Aid Station?

There will be an Aid Station with water, energy drinks and snacks at the beginning of each loop which you will pass every 1.24 miles. You may wish to bring your own drinks/snacks also. 

2. Can I bring my own Tent and Support Team?

Yes, you may set up your own tent/aid station at the edge of the trail. Your station set-up must be on the left/South side of the road, not near the lap mat/finish line. Your support team can be there to cheer you on and help you.

3. When and Where is Packet Pick-up?

There will be Packet Pick-up on Saturday, 1/4/25 at Runner's Depot - Davie store (2233 S. University Drive, Davie FL 33324) from 10AM - 4PM. You may also pick up your packet the day of the race starting at 5:15AM.

4. When do I get our Team Relay Baton?

You will pick up your Team Relay Baton on race day at the Registration Pavilion. The Team Member on the course must have this Baton in hand when they cross the Lap Mat for that Lap to be counted. The Timing Strip is inside the Baton.

5. Can a Team Member be substituted during the race?

No. There is NO substitution of Team Members allowed once the race has started.

6. Which direction do we run on the trail?

The loop course is run Clockwise. Here is a link to the trail map:

7. Do I need to wear my Race Bib the entire 6 Hours?

YES. You must have your Race Bib pinned to the FRONT of your shirt or shorts and it must be VISIBLE every time you cross the Lap Mat.

8. Are there Bathrooms on the course?

There are Bathrooms just at the base of the hill next to the course. You may leave the course at anytime after crossing the Lap Mat to use the bathroom before starting your next Lap.

9. Do I need to Run the entire race?

You are allowed to walk and run at anytime on the course. In fact, it is encouraged that you take walk breaks. The back hill can become your worst nightmare if you don't respect it. Many runners have had success walking the hill on each lap. Pace yourself accordingly and by all means, HAVE FUN!

10. What else should I bring with me on Race Day?

Here are some items you may want to bring with you: 

Tent & Chairs • Headlamp/Light (first half-hour to hour will be in the dark)

Hydration & Nutrition/Cooler • Extra Socks/Shoes • Blanket/Jacket

Bodyglide & Sunscreen • Hat & Sunglasses • Towel

First-aid • Aspirin or other Medication • Change of Clothes


Remember it's a 6-Hour Event so come prepared!

Due to the upfront expense, there are no refunds or deferrals for this event.

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